Kitchen Sink Makeover on a Rental Space

When I initially met with my landlord, about renting my space, she told me that if I wanted to pay an extra $80 a month, I could opt for an upgrade of all new appliances, sink, windows, and hardware.  The impulses in me said oh wow, sure,  I mean who doesn't love new... but the practical in me ( which is owned by a voice that is not in MY body said... that's almost an extra $1000 a year. )  As you can see the practical won, and I am loving getting creative with my space.  This entire little project budgeted at a whopping...  $12.00. (including the spray paint that will be used in several other projects around my space)  

I searched high and low for a pedestal for my stand,  I tried candle sticks, dowel rods, and nothing looked the way I wanted.  Then one afternoon,  I was at a dollar store and saw a shelf full of these little blue paper clip holders, and I thought if I glue those together that would be the perfect height I'm looking for.  So I grabbed em and a couple of sprays of paint on my gems and a bit of hot glue for good measure... and...

Viola... there you have it.  The elegance and organization, I adore, while still being practical enough for everyday use.  

What's a space in your place that you've been wanting to recreate but aren't in a place of budget for right now?  

Leave a comment below and lets brainstorm together some fun & affordable ways to recreate your space.  

Talk soon,