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Welcome to my space in the world.    I document my adventures in style and food on a budget of one. I love trying local spots and coordinating dinner parties at home.

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Takin’ Back Sunday | 1

Takin’ Back Sunday | 1

Hi there,

Welcome back…. is it weird to say welcome back when I’m the one who walked away?  hmmm… maybe but regardless, I’m back and I’m so incredibly grateful you’re here – here... now were is here... here is a sweltering 90 degree mess of melting humidity. But, full disclosure, I'm loving it!!! I love the heat!!! Now, I certainly know there are all sorts of other ways you might choose to spend your Sunday.  Anything exciting happen with you this week?  It seems everyone I know is on vacation, so I’ve been happily living vicariously through everyone of them!!!

Care to see my favorite...  #eurodiculous these girls are living their best life this summer and I am completely here for it!!!  Well done, HD well done.

So… a few months after moving back to the Midwest, I downloaded a dating app and began my attempt at a journey of becoming acclimated to my city. In my bio, I simply stated “looking to take adventures and explore my city”… you see I’ve never really been a settle down and get married to have 4 kids kind of woman but rather an “I will happily take one forever husband and go explore every corner of the world with him” kinda lady, and well I always thought, that will be my life. What no one told me is that no one actually reads those and everyone is only looking to explore one place… and it usually involves a bed. Not one adventure was taken…and well it was what it was, but a few months ago, I started trying to flip my focus and decided well it’s going to be up to me to find the hidden gems St. Louis has to offer… and so here I am ready to explore.

Now, I knew when I relaunched, I wanted to make Sunday’s my day to unwind whether that be for the day exploring a new place, listening to my favorite podcast, or catching up on the latest episode of a guilty pleasure before bed...the goal, very simple relax and unwind. 

Here are a few of my latest favorites…

Hart of Dixie,  yes I am here to admit I have watched this series more than twice and yes I am sitting here watching season 3 as I sit and type this. I just love a feel good romantic comedy.

Maddy Gutierrez,  please go meet Maddy, you won’t regret it. I’m not even quite certain how I stumbled upon her, I just know I’m thankful I did. She has introduced me to this… and this… and THIS!!! The latter I’m so in love with. I love love love a good drugstore dupe and this one did NOT disappoint!!! 

Marshalls, there are so many reasons why I love this store… and none of them have to do with clothing. Yes,  I will occasionally snag a cute find here and there but mainly I come strictly for the home goods, like these.  And, yes I know there is a home goods-proper, but Marshalls is just down the street and also houses my other hidden gem of a favorite that I may end up filling you in on later… <shrugs> hey,  a girl is allowed to keep a couple of secrets, right!?! Here are a few #MarshallSuprise finds, I found on my last visit... 

To wrap things up, I wanted to say thank you for all the great support over the years, and if you’re new this week, so I decided to do a fun little giveaway to highlight my first recipe back. If you didn’t get a chance to see the recipe I made earlier it was Lemon Bundt Cakes (and will be where the contest will be held) in mini loaf sized pans, so to celebrate the relaunch I’m giving away a set of 4 mini bundt cake pans and lemon squeeze. I’ve decided to keep it pretty simple, there will be 3 ways to enter and each social media will be considered an entry, totally 3 entries.




1.   Like the CONTEST photo on Instagram, and comment with your favorite summer dessert.                              (you must be a follower to enter)

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3.   SUBSCRIBE here on the blog, and leave a comment on the blog post HERE with your favorite way to celebrate the weekend.   

***BONUS*** if you SHARE the contest photo with your friends on Facebook, you will be given an additional entry.

Contest will end on Saturday July 21, 2018 

so grateful...


Lemon. Yogurt. Bundts

Lemon. Yogurt. Bundts