Hi there...


I'm Eliza Beerbower.    

Originally a midwest girl, who has found her way back home. Yes, it's true most days I spend wishing life would take me back to the west coast, but I’ve decided to simply embrace the place I live today. While yes, most of my wanderlust centers around food and fashion, I am also having the best time finding the hidden gems that only the midwest can offer. 

You'll find I spend as much time as I can, creating new recipes in my kitchen. As a single girl, I've gotten extremely good at fixing single servings dishes, but the idea of opening my home to a fabulous dinner party or two sounds beyond amazing, so we shall see how that evolves. 

I hope while you're visiting you're inspired to explore your own corner of the world and maybe come take an adventure or two here in the midwest, until then... care to join me on mine?

Feel free to leave a comment or follow me on social media!  I'd love to hear from you.